HR Services in Bangladesh: HR Service Provider

HR Services in Bangladesh: HR Service Provider

The HR department, or more commonly known as the human resource department, is a group of people who undertakes the responsibility of managing employees. This employee management includes hiring, onboarding, or firing employees. A good HR service can benefit a company in many ways. It is unfortunate that very few people know about the effects of a good HR Service in Bangladesh. A good HR service can elevate a company to newer heights. 

In this article, we will provide an insight into the job of the HR team. So, let us begin without wasting any more time.

What is an HR service?

The HR department is the short form of the Human Resource department. It does a lot of work like hiring, onboarding or firing, etc. But all the tasks an HR department do can be categorized as managing employees. So, we can say that the HR department is a group of people who manages the employees.   

Works of an HR Service Provider in Bangladesh

We previously mentioned hiring, onboarding, and firing are the jobs of an HR department. But a department does a lot more than that. In this segment of the article, we will discuss the job of an HR department.

Managing recruitment process

Recruiting is one of the most important tasks the HR department undertakes. People should consider hiring a good HR Service in Bangladesh for service this purpose only. Though it seems simple on the surface, in reality, it is quite complicated. 

Firstly the HR department has to recognize the requirements of the company like how many people the company needs, what quality the company is lacking or what the company does badly currently. Depending on this information, they decide what type of candidates they need and how many candidates they need.

The recruitment process is quite expensive and not to mention quite important for the company as well.  

Finding the perfect fit for the company

After deciding that, they need to run the recruitment process. The HR team needs to analyze the market properly to determine the perfect fit for their company. They have to run a campaign so that the right candidates are attracted to the job posts. Such a task requires a lot of market knowledge and experience. Because just having the right skill set does not always mean the perfect fit for a company, and without the proper knowledge, they might end up hiring people with a higher salary margin than what is necessary. 

Another thing they have to consider is the fact that not finding the proper fit will result in an increased turnover rate which will create a bad impression for the company.

Manage the payment process

Managing the payment process needs to be a job of its own as it required a lot of time and effort. Despite such difficulties, the HR team manages such a task quite diligently. 

Every month the team has to keep track of all the earning and spendings to determine how much they owe in taxes. They also have to keep track of the working hours of every employee, how many days they have worked for, if they have any bonuses, etc. As you can see, managing payroll is among the hardest things the HR team manages regularly. 

Analyze employee behavior

An HR team keeps a close eye on every employee and determines their performance. After successfully recruiting employees, the HR team also has to determine whether those employees are a proper fit or not. A bad HR team will provide employees with unnecessary warnings and end up firing valuable employees for simple lackings.

Suppose an employee is late one day. Should you warn the employee for being late one day? The answer is “no.” There can be a lot of reasons for an employee to be late just one day. But if an employee is constantly late, then the HR team should give a warning. And if this thing continues, a good HR team will try to get to the bottom of the cause and attempt to solve such an issue. Without proper employee evaluation, a company can end up losing valuable employees for simple or no reason at all.

Renewing terms and policies 

There is no point in keeping a term or policy that no longer benefits the company. So, a company needs to renew its terms and policies constantly, and the HR team manages this task. 

Every year, the HR team reviews the old policies and determines the policies that benefit the company and the policies that are no longer necessary. They also determine whether to add new policies or not. There might a need for a new policy for certain occurrences, and the HR team recognizes such situations and manage that as well.

Keep the necessary records

As we previously mentioned, the HR team keeps all the records of an employee. This record includes the present days, the absent days, the days that they were last and the reason behind it, how productive each employee has been, does the company needs to get rid of a certain employee, etc. Keeping records helps the company to determine the value of an employee. The salary, bonus, and promotion are determined based on such information.

Analyzing the benefits

When you see a candidate choose another company over yours, there should be a reason behind it. No one should choose lesser pay without any reason. Such actions may depend on the benefits certain companies are providing. 

The HR team has to constantly analyze the market to ensure that their company provides the most enticing benefits. Doing so will attract more qualified personnel even though you are not able to afford the best salary. 


HR Service in Bangladesh has a lot of prospects. Having a solid HR team is a necessity nowadays, and many companies are realizing the benefits of having an established HR team. The HR team is an engine that keeps a company running properly from behind the scenes.

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