Munshi Enterprise Limited [MEL] is one of the leading government approved overseas recruiting agencies established in 2007.

AP (Dacca) Ltd

Ayurvedia Pharmacy (Dacca) Ltd. started its journey in 1912 with a range of Ayurvedic or herbal medicines.

Munshi Training Academy

Munshi Training Academy is established for the Skill development of human resources. The Academy offers a wide range of training services to prospective candidates for overseas and local employment.

MBM-Munshi Bangladesh Limited

MBM-Munshi Bangladesh Limited started its journey in 2014, a front-runner company when it comes to Facility Management across the country.

Nina Munshi Foundation

Nina Munshi Foundation is a voluntary, non-profitable, non-political

Munshi IT Services

Munshi IT Services, a concern of MUNSHI and is one of the leading IT solutions & services providers in Bangladesh.

Jakson-Munshi Bangladesh Limited

Jakson - Munshi Bangladesh Limited is a joint venture company in Bangladesh with JACKSON India (Indian’s leading energy & engineering

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