Handling Performance Management During the COVID-24 Pandemic

Handling Performance Management During the COVID-24 Pandemic

Performance Management During the COVID-24 

COVID-19 has thrown the world’s social and economic landscape into a complete upheaval. Companies are rushing to adapt to newer managerial challenges as they arise. Performance Management isn’t the same annual formula that it always was. This is a time for innovation and creativity to shine. Engagement with employees is more important than ever, as a company is reliant on their skill, adaptability and motivation level to achieve success in this difficult period. Let’s take a look at how to optimize Performance Management during COVID-19.

Performance Reviews

Reviews are something that are done based on a strict schedule to evaluate employee performance and contribution. However, it’s becoming increasingly harder to judge an employee’s performance in this period of volatility. Adhering to a strict schedule may lead to losses as reviews are essentially a look into an employee’s past performance. The only performance that matters is the one in the present and the future. As such, there needs to be a constant line of communication with the employees. Feedback needs to be instantaneous on employee output. Employees must know what they can do to improve and be efficient right now, rather than later.


Employees, managerial and staff, need to be more flexible in how they operate. The staff need to be able to maneuver to new roles, and learn them. They must be allowed time to adjust and learn the ropes, by their managers. It takes understanding from both the management and the staff to bring about progression and efficiency. Managers need to stop emphasizing the idea of sales and revenue in the short term, rather focus on innovation, and willingness to adapt and adjust. Upskilling and Reskilling* programs should be set up for the staff in order to help them become more proficient at their own roles, as well as learn others.

Consideration for your Employee’s Circumstances

Employees may come from different walks of life and COVID-19 may affect some more severely. It’s important to remember that employees may be going through a very difficult period of their life. It’s a time to be supportive and understanding of their struggles, rather than single-mindedly work focused. Employee motivation is a huge factor in performance levels and it is important to make sure they can start and finish their work in the same positive mindset.

Be Transparent

Keep your employees informed of decisions that may affect them. There’s a great deal of uncertainty in the air and it helps for your employees to be able to put their trust and faith in you. Think carefully about expenses, and keep the employee’s opinions in mind when making drastic changes.

Performance-related Bonuses

This is something that works differently for every company depending on work culture and the office environment. Generally, not giving out any bonuses has resulted in employee performance and morale being negatively impacted, in previous recessions. Adhering to the normal practice of bonus according to performance may be very unfair to employees who, due to the circumstances of the quarantine, aren’t able to be as productive and efficient. Giving every employee an equal bonus, on the other hand, would increase morale for employees who are struggling, but demoralize employees with outstanding results as they may feel as if they aren’t being justly compensated for their performance. Ultimately, this is something that every company needs to evaluate on their own and decide what would be the best course of direction, depending on employee circumstances, the state of the industry and the company’s performance.

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