While human resource (HR) activities have into a part of the internal organization, the outsourcing of HR practices is a rapidly increasing phenomenon. The accelerated rate of HR outsourcing also corresponds to a sweeping change in which non-transactional activities, such as recruitment, selection, and training, are among the most outsourced HR practices. MHRS Recruitment & Selection Services include:

CV Database · Recruitment · Talent Acquisition · Background Verification · Selection Process Facilitation · Application Screening & Sorting


As an international business, one of your competitive advantages is your ability to quickly and cost-effectively relocate employees across borders and regions. Global mobility presents its own challenges. The facts are, HR professionals, need, to deal with tax and social security, work permit and visa requirements, employment law, pension plans and compensation across multiple jurisdictions. When we recruit foreign employee for your company, we provide all of the foreign secondment services:

All Kinds of Visa (E, E1, B, FE) · Payroll Process · TIN Generation · Work Permit Process · Tax Return Submission · Foreigner Visa Extension · Home Ministry Clearance · Bank Account Management


All you need to do from your end is, send us the variable monthly details. From here, our operational experts will take care of all the necessary steps. The delivered services of Manpower Outsourcing are:

Payroll| HR Audit · Benchmarking · Research · Survey · Offshore Outsourcing · Secondment Services · Retirement Benefit Analysis · Exit Management


In order to ensure that our employees are equipped with the right kind of skills, knowledge, and capabilities to perform their assigned tasks, training and development play its crucial role in the growth and success of our business. Our training & personal development service includes:

Training needs identification · Training Needs Analysis · Setting Up Training Objectives · Designing & Implementing Training Program · Feedback Collection & Evaluation


We are dedicated to the improvements of business. To this end, we help companies to become high-performance workplaces by enhancing their processes, developing their people and helping to hone leadership and management. We are completely focused on supporting your business goals and tailor our services precisely to your needs. Whether you’re a start-up, scale-up, SME or multi-national, we are confident our team of can helps your company:

Increase Profits · Reduce Costs · Get the Best from Your Talent · Create Great Leaders and Managers


Professional pre-employment screening services are becoming increasingly more essential to employers, and a failure to carry out such background checks could result in serious disappointments and challenges for your company. At the end of each recruitment, whether full-time, part-time, permanent or contract, an organization hires a candidate, they will be given access to a variety of proprietary / confidential information and resources. Hence in today's world, it becomes a mandatory exercise to get delete to get a few and add a thorough background check conducted for the candidate. Our background verification includes:

Employment History Checks · Educational Documents Verification · Professional License Verification · Reference Verification · CV Validation · Address Verification · Civil & Criminal Checks · ID Verification · Credit History

IT Enabled Services

Our IT-enabled services are designed to streamline your business operations. In the digital age, establishing a compelling online presence is pivotal to success. Our digital marketing services encompass a holistic approach to enhance your brand visibility, engage your target audience, and drive growth. Our team of digital marketers is dedicated to boosting your online reach, optimizing conversions, and maximizing your return on investment. Efficiency begins with accurate and organized data management. From numeric data to textual content, we specialize in digitizing and categorizing your data, eliminating the hassles of manual entry and potential errors. From customer support to technical support, you will get the service from MHRS.
Data Entry . Digital Marketing . Customer Support . Technical Support . Content Moderation .Transcription . Website Management



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