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Munshi HR Solutions (MHRS) offers effective, efficient, and elaborate human resource management outsourced services at every stage of business to help you gain the competitive advantage you seek.

Our services are designed to assist your core business operations through professional partnerships and state-of-the-art Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions.

We listen to you.

Perceive your needs.

Facilitate your wants.

Satisfy the demand.

MHRS is a strategic concern of Munshi Corporation Limited (MEL). The foundation possesses decades of experience in outsourcing, developing and mobilizing skilled human resources across its networks, locally and globally.

The objective is for the common man of the country to fulfil his dream, aim higher and create a better life overall. Giving these people the opportunity to chase their dreams, attain self-actualization, earn a satisfactory income while simultaneously elevating the nation’s remittance rates are their objectives.

Other concerns include:

Munshi Training Academy

Ayurvedia Pharmacy (Dacca) Limited

Nur Majid Ayurvedic College

Tune Bangladesh Limited (FM Radio)

Munshi Facility Management and Security Services



Become the most entrusted Human Resource Management Solutions partner, in order toby empowering organizations to gain a competitive advantage through efficient and effective Hhuman capital Resource Mmanagement.

Munshi Human Resource Solutions (MHRS) aims to bring about consistent success to partners through enhancement of organizational values, achievement of goals, application of people-centric stories and success through innovation. We follow a three-step strategy to reach our goal:


Enhancing our expert consultation panels and service processes across industries, ensuring our clients with more locally relevant contact points.


Increase the range of our services, covering all functional areas of modern-age Human Resource management.


Identify and define future Human Capital challenges and transform them into opportunities.

Effective HR solutions; efficiently designed and consistently delivered.

With the vision and mission of consistent strategic partnership with our clients, Munshi HR Solutions holds fortified values for achieving common future success with passion, dedication, integrity, and diversity in all service and supports to our clients.

We always:

- strive for betterment, not just the best positions

- are client-centric and care about their best interests

- deal and deliver ensuring ethical and moral grounds

- create value worth every penny

- think practically, with simplicity

- power diversity and trust its influence


What Makes Us Better

- Strategies tailored to your business model

- Attract and retain talent

- Reduce expenses

- Monitor efficiency

- Comply with regulations

- Organize restructuring and development plans

- Synchronize changes without dampening morale

Be a partner, not merely a client


Meet the team

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